In addition to providing scholarships for students we also work with local schools from Siem Reap to Kep.

Our support can be anything from helping build new schools to paying a teacher's salary, and we actively help stock schools with supplies from books to maps, tables to lights—even computers and iPads. We've also worked with New Bridge School that operates out of Siem Reap. 

Working with one of our first college graduates, Sa we support an English school in the rural village of Siem Reap. Utilizing two classrooms donated to One Degree Forward by the local public school we provide the teachers’ salaries and school supplies needed for over one hundred students.

Down in Kep, on the opposite end of the country, we work with the Sala Monkey School to help raise funds for needed supplies like books, computers, and iPads. Check out their site for more info and read about ways you can help!

To help us continue supporting these schools consider donating today