Projects and Rural Development

Imagine trying to learn in a school where the walls don't block out the rain, or trying to study for a test in the dark since your village doesn't have any light.

Many things that we take for granted aren't available in rural Cambodia, which is why we help fund development projects toward bettering the quality of life.

Since our inception in 2011 we've helped build houses for families in need and lit entire villages. We've helped a school plant mango trees to ensure the students have food, and we've even taken students to the dentist to teach them oral health.

We've put roofs, solar panels, and walls around around schools and have hand-delivered school supplies—we've even donated 75 tennis racquets to a volunteer group that teaches tennis to orphans. 

All of this work is coming full circle, and a few of the students we've put through college have gotten jobs in rural development and now lead some of our projects.

For more info on how you can help, send us an email at or consider donating today!